We hold high aspirations to help our customers gain brand awareness.

What we do // Video and Drone photography

Pictures get the attention

As your brand partner in marketing, we are committed to telling your story. And we firmly believe video is a great tool to show you how beautiful furniture designs are.

We have the competencies and experience with photography, online marketing and video production. And how to tell your story with all the visual tools available.
We work with skilled storytellers and has the highest ambitions to help our customers gain brand awareness.
Furniture design is like a piece of art. We have created these videos to show you that furniture is like a piece of art, but to show how video can help you visualize your design and deliver the details of your beautiful pieces. We wanted to create a simple but yet sophisticated way to present furniture. In this case, we have used mindo outdoor furnitures as our models.

Drone Photography

See your brand in a new perspective with Drone photography – Your Brand Partner offers a wide range of visual branding services. See an overview of our pricing. 

Amplify your story with Drone Photography