Shaker Table_oak_design by Børge Mogensen
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BM1837 by Bernstorffsminde Møbelfabrik

Classic Furniture collection

In collaboration with recognised Nordic designers, Bernstorffsminde has created a furniture collection, BM1837, bringing iconic designs by Børge Mogensen,
Søren Holst, Foersom & Hiorth-Lorentzen and modern furniture by Lise Vester and Welling/Ludvik.

The BM1837 furniture collection pays tribute to the timeless and elegant Danish design tradition, which will always be sought after.

BM1837 Designs

The new collection from BM1837 consists of the Brú dining table designed by Welling/Ludvik, to which the Søren Holst shaker chairs, BM1 and BM2 by Børge Mogensen and the Bridge armchair by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen fit perfectly. Yet, the table is a modern take on a classic dining table.
The BM1837 collection also ads the System 2100 module furniture collection, which targets contract and architecture clients.

BM1837 Designers

Keel solid oak coffee tables, designed by Lise Vester.
Lón sofa designed by Welling/Ludvik
Frame sofa and the Taco chair, designed by Foersom and Hiort-Lorenzen
Brú dining table designed by Welling/Ludvik
Børge Mogensen shaker table and BM1 and BM2 chairs
SH88 sofa, designed by Søren Holst, and Shaker chair and table, designed by Søren Holst
Elegance chair and table, designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.
System 2100, designed by Friis & Moltke

Your Brand Partner

Your Brand Partner collaborate very closely with Bernstorffsminde and are responsible for all sales activities on behalf of BM1837. Bernstorffsminde has decided to relaunch its collection in close cooperation with Your Brand Partner. The collection will be marketed as BM1837.

Photographer: Tine Hvolby