Your Brand Partner presents a new collection by YBP

By YBP collection

The collection in the new brand by YBP stems from ​​creating a common platform for smaller design companies and their products.

The designs we choose to present in the collection By YBP must have a high level of craftsmanship and, as far as possible, represent production in the local area. We believe that a local production with a high design and quality content, combined with long life, results in a sustainable product.

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By producing locally with Danish artisans, we also support local communities and the workforce.

Your Brand Partner sees products that, in our eyes, can become classics in consumers’ homes. Therefore, the By YBP Collection can be seen as sustainable on several parameters because our products are well designed and have long durability.

We have created a collection where we see an overall design whole and where each design from different brands complements each other so that the products together form a beautiful whole.

By establishing a common platform for smaller brands and design companies, we can strengthen the individual brands’ impact, create greater visibility and thereby get easier by getting Danish and international dealers, distributors and agents to speak.

The individual companies will continue to be marketed individually but will at the same time appear as part of collections in the overall By YBP Collection.

The by YBP collection consists of:

At 3 Days of Design, you will get an opportunity to see the relaunched sofa, designed by architect Søren Holst for Fredericia Furniture in 1988.

Get a first look at a small minimalist table series designed by Anne-Mette Sonnichsen and Jørgen Abildgaard for English DC Tables. See more of the collection from Studio Table Based.

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